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When selecting a criminal defense attorney to represent you following an arrest in New York, possibly the most significant question you should ask is, “What experience do you have with this type of case?” Realize that if the attorney does not have an extensive track record with the type of charges you face, you will principally be submitting your case up as a learning experience, and you may or may not get the best possible result. On the other end of the scale, consider how much you might gain by hiring a defense attorney from Grunwald and Seman who also has the experience of a prosecutor.


Why hire a former prosecutor?

By hiring a former prosecutor such as in the firm of Grunwald and Seman, you will be retaining an advocate who has practiced on both sides of the courtroom and who knows what the other side is thinking.

Does hiring a former prosecutor make a difference?

A former prosecutor appreciates and understands how cases progress. From the moment of the arrest, including the gathering of evidence, as former prosecutors we here at Grunwald and Seman understand the District Attorney’s decision whether or not to file charges, and how the prosecutor goes about building the case and pursuing a conviction.


Defense attorneys can only represent as many clients as come to them for help. From these clients that seek them out, they choose which ones they believe they will be successful in. A prosecutor on the other hand, generally has a far greater caseload. This speaks to experience. At Grunwald and Seman we know from experience that a former prosecutor has had the potential benefit of greater experience due to the higher volume of cases.

Is there an advantage?

As former prosecutors, we here at Grunwald and Seman have had to learn to quickly evaluate any given case for its strengths and weaknesses. We understood that we must learn to think quickly on our feet. In the courtroom, a prosecutor’s volume of work at any given time often makes it difficult or impossible to invest the same amount of time and effort in a case that a private defense attorney can. Prosecutors must be able to compensate with a sharp intellect and an exhaustive understanding of the law.

Plea Bargaining

When an exoneration or dismissal of charges is out of the question, it becomes essential to discuss a plea bargain, such as for a reduced sentence or a lesser charge. A former prosecutor can be an irreplaceable asset in this situation, as your New York criminal attorney, Grunwald and Seman will know just how far the District Attorney can go in making a deal. The first offer is almost never the best agreement or arrangement available, and as your attorney we may be able to push further to acquire superior terms for you.

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